The menace of law misuse … it must end now !

Our cause on Mouthshut, lets see if we can raise our voice here as well … :

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Dharna in Mumbai against misuse of DV Act

August 28 2011, 2 to 4 PM, Azad Maidan : Please join us for this special event


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Click for Details :


With the blessings of God and efforts of the Bangalore team, the Dharna was a huge success. Check out the pics here :

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Lets join the Protest against misuse of the so called Pro-Women Laws on May 21 2011

We are proud to see that a man from Gujarat has gone till Delhi to fight against the misuse of pro-women laws. He is FASTING at Jantar Mantar representing and supported by hundreds of victims of law misuse including many women. This is one of the biggest protests in India by common people, those who have suffered the wrath of law without having done any crime.

So, if you are also a victim of law misuse, join us and support this man at Jantar Mantar tomorrow. More than a hundred people like us will be present at Jantar Mantar, Delhi on May 21, 2011 at 4 ‘o’ clock for this event. As a responsible citizen of this country, lets do our bit to free India from this kind of Legal Terrorism.

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The irony of Women Empowerment

How India is empowering women, selectively ….. read here ...

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Should 498 A be made compoundable ?

According to the latest news reports, it is being considered that 498 A should be made bailable and compoundable. While making it bailable is definitely required, I do not understand how making it compoundable will help in reducing misuse ?

There can be serious consequences of making 498 A compoundable like :

1. When 498 A becomes compoundable, husband his family members will be blackmailed more by the wife and her family as they will keep dragging the case for years and harassing the husband till he pays up to get the case compounded.
2. Compounding definitely will not mean that a greedy wife who has filed a false 498 A for money will take her case back without taking that money.
3. Now husband and his family will be booked under false criminal cases with wildest of false allegations also because there will be no burden of proof on the false complainant. She knows she can put false cases and system will blackmail the hubby and harass him to the extent that he will be compelled to pay without having to prove a single allegation.
4. Now the same wife who has put false criminal case will take the case back and stay with the husband, only to file it again after some years and get more and more money from his family

And anyway, when it is about the harassment that the falsely accused family undergoes for years before these cases are proved false, would compunding the case give them their lives and precious years back ? … No, infact it will take their left over money like a ransom for getting the cases compounded !!!